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We offer various services in order to help you get the most out of your gardening experiences. From beginners to seasoned experts, from homes to commercial spaces, we’ve got you covered.

 A lively repotting class hosted by Unique Arrangements, a vibrant flower shop in the metro Denver area. The image showcases a group of participants gathered around a long table filled with an assortment of potted plants, gardening tools, and soil bags. The attendees, both young and old, eagerly engage in the hands-on activity of transferring plants into new pots. The flower shop's cozy and inviting ambiance is evident from the stylish decor, including floral arrangements adorning the shelves and walls. The room is filled with natural light pouring in through large windows, highlighting the lush greenery and colorful blooms that surround the enthusiastic participants
Repotting Classes

Our Repotting Classes are a great way to improve on your home gardening skills. Learn basic tips from industry experts that will give you the confidence to better care for your plant friends.

A knowledgeable employee of Unique Arrangements, a flower shop located in the Denver Metro Area, diligently administering a root treatment to a customer's plant. The image captures the employee's expert hands delicately tending to the plant's root system. They carefully apply a specialized treatment, designed to enhance the plant's resilience against drought, minimize transplant shock, and promote improved nutrient uptake. The employee's focused demeanor reflects their commitment to providing optimal care for the customer's plant. The image emphasizes the benefits of root treatments, including increased yield and overall plant health. It highlights the expertise and dedication of Unique Arrangements' staff in offering comprehensive solutions to enhance the vitality and well-being of their customers' plants.

Root Treatment


This special treatment of organic root enhancers helps increase nutrient uptake as well as creates a healthier root system. In turn, allowing for a bigger healthier, stronger plant.

An employee of Unique Arrangements, a renowned flower shop, skillfully repotting plants for residential and commercial clients. The image captures a close-up view of the employee's hands as they gently transfer a thriving plant from its old pot to a new one, filled with fresh soil. The employee's expertise is evident in their precise and careful movements, ensuring the plant's well-being during the repotting process. Various pots and gardening tools are arranged nearby, reflecting the professional and organized approach of Unique Arrangements. The image conveys the dedication and attention to detail that the employee brings to their work, promoting healthy and thriving plants for both individual and business customers
Residential & Commercial Repotting Services

Whether at home or the office; allow one of our Plant Specialist to visit your location and tend to your plants. To help ensure that they stay healthy and continue to thrive.

A beautifully arranged table overflowing with a delectable spread of catered food for a private party held at Unique Arrangements, a flower shop located in the Denver Metro Area. The image showcases a variety of appetizers, main courses, and desserts, artfully presented on elegant platters and adorned with colorful garnishes. The table is adorned with floral centerpieces and tasteful decor, reflecting the shop's commitment to aesthetics. The mouthwatering dishes range from gourmet finger foods to exquisite culinary creations, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. The image captures the ambiance of the event, with guests in the background enjoying the culinary delights and socializing amidst the fragrant floral arrangements. It represents the seamless integration of fine dining and floral elegance, creating a memorable experience for the private party attendees at Unique Arrangements

Private Parties


If you are looking for something new and exciting to do; consider hosting a private party here at Unique Arrangements. Call for details. We look forward to hearing from you.

A skilled employee of Unique Arrangements, a flower shop, performing a root treatment for a client's plant. The image focuses on the employee's hands delicately handling the plant's root system. With precision, they are gently inspecting and pruning the roots to promote healthy growth. The employee's expertise is evident as they navigate through the tangle of roots, employing specialized tools to ensure the plant's vitality. The image captures the meticulous care and attention that Unique Arrangements' employee provides, reflecting the shop's commitment to maintaining the well-being of their customers' plants. The scene is characterized by a professional work environment with neatly arranged tools and a serene ambiance, highlighting the shop's dedication to plant care and customer satisfaction.
Root Therapy

This service is a surefire way to prevent root circling and curbs other issues in your root system

A friendly employee of Unique Arrangements, a flower shop located in the Denver Metro Area, engaged in a consultation with a potential client. The image showcases the employee sitting across from the client surrounded by an array of vibrant plants. The employee attentively listens to the client, while offering expert advice and suggestions. Their warm and approachable demeanor creates a welcoming atmosphere, fostering a productive conversation. The scene exemplifies the shop's commitment to personalized service and their desire to understand and meet the client's floral needs. The image captures the professionalism and expertise of Unique Arrangements' employee, emphasizing their dedication to ensuring a delightful and tailored experience for each customer



Need help planning your next big event. Look no further. Unique Arrangements is here to assist you with all of your floral needs from: Weddings & Sympathy Arrangements to Corporate Events. We've got you covered.

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