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Past Events & Workshops

No matter the season, there’s always something fun and interesting taking place at Unique Arrangements. We’re proud to offer a full range of activities, events and workshops for the community to enjoy.

Crafting With Kids

Crafting w/ Kids
Dec. 10th @ 2pm - 4pm,

During the Holiday Season Unique Arrangements hosts Crafting with Kids. An event that welcomes kids of all ages. Come join us for upcoming events where we will be providing an opportunity for the youth to create and participate in making a unique project in which they may take home with them, Contact us for more details.

Image: Assorted holiday ornaments, including candy canes, decorative baubles, and other crafting elements.

Winter Wonderland at The Walcot

Dec. 13th From 5pm - 7pm


Unique Arrangements brought the party to The Walcot. This was a night of fun and activities. Including food, drinks, Wreath Building and more. Contact us to find out how you may book your very own event.

Image of a group of people dressed up enjoying the holidays

The 2nd Annual Secret Santa Plant Exchange

Dec. 17th From 3pm - 5pm


Unique Arrangements hosted: The 2nd Annual Secret Santa Plant Exchange. We appreciate all who came down to participate. We are looking forward to seeing you all again this year. Contact us for more details.

Image: A lush outdoor garden filled with vibrant flowers and greenery, accompanied by a variety of garden tools. This image represents the Community Garden Workshop hosted by Unique Arrangements, a flower shop in Denver, CO. The workshop provides an opportunity for individuals to learn about gardening techniques, cultivate their own plants, and engage in a community-centered gardening experience

Community Garden Workshop 

December 31st From 3pm - 5pm


Throughout the year Unique Arrangements takes the time out to provide some great tips on how to launch your very own Community Garden. For those who have become part of our Plant Club this would be a great time to get the information that you need. Unique Arrangements' plant experts will be on site to answer all the questions that you have to help you get your garden up and running. Contact us for details regarding upcoming events.

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