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6" Flamingo Lily: Bright waxy, red heart-shaped spathes with yellow spadices delight the overall display of this indoor plant.


Note: Keep away from pets because all parts of the plant are poisonous. If broken open, the plant will ooze milky sap. This sap contains a toxin called Calcium Oxalate.


  • AirCleaner: Flamingo Lilies are excellent at absorbing chemicals released by common cleaning products and general pollutants.
  • Lighting: Medium to bright indirect light. Direct sunlight will burn their leaves and cause permenant damage.
  • Humidity: Flamingo Lilies feel most at home with humidity around around 80%, Spritz daily.

Flamingo Lily

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  • Flamingo Lilies are great for people:

    • Who need a hobby and like challenges
    • Who nurture their plants like children
    • Who don't have pets at home
    • Who like their homes warm
    • Who  love a tropical vibe
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