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6" Dieffenbachia AKA: Dumbcane


Watering: Water yoiur dubcane regularly to prevent them from drying out. A large houseplant may need watering twice a week. Do not overwater your plants, so ensure that a least 2 inches of the soil surface is fully dry before your next watering. During the winter, you can cut back the watering frequency.


Light: Like most Dieffenbachia plants, the dumbcane prefers relatively shady conditions. During their growing season, ensure that they have dappled shade or bright but indirect sunlight. In the winter, they can grow well with more bright light.


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  • Dumbcane Care:

    Soil: Plant your dumbcane in a well-drainage and good aeration are essential to prevent boggy conditions and damaged roots.

    Temperature: Try to maintain consistent temperatures between 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid exposing them to weather below 60 degrees Fahrenheit or cold drafts, as your plant will likely lose its lower leaves and develop a palm-like staure. These plants like high humidity levels and will benefit from regular misting during dry winters.


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